We have some good news.  Lorna Andersson is available to play her accordion for you!  She can begin your next gathering with a beautiful mix of classic accordion music from the accordion's golden age, guaranteed to touch your heart.  After an exhilarating and entertaining program of excellence on the accordion like no other you've ever heard, Lorna will entertain you and your guests with background music suited to most any occasion.  Her music would even add a special touch to a dinner gathering with friends or family.  Whether it be songs to fit the season, or ethnic favorites from such faraway places as Scandinavia, France, Germany, Russia and other East European locales, Lorna will seamlessly blend these in with some good old ragtime music, Latin favorites and much more.  So if it's background or dance music that you'd like for your next social gathering at the country club or elsewhere, ask Lorna how she can help you make that event a truly memorable one.  Whether it's just a few selections or a more complete performance; Lorna will be there for you.
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Lorna Andersson performing Penny Lane at the
sold-out 2010 Tosco Music Party Beatles
Tribute Night.  (Charlotte, NC 6-5-2010)

And if it's a church function that needs music, Lorna can be your source for a variety of melodies, ranging from listening music to a good old-fashioned sing along that will surely have everyone joining in.  You'll enjoy it so much that you'll still be talking about the fun you all had for weeks to come.

Finally, bandleaders should know that if you ever have the need for an accordionist that could also be a featured soloist, contact Lorna to find out just how well she can fit right in with your musicians to make that next gig a complete success.

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