Sit back, and give a listen as Lorna plays on the very same accordion she played in 1957, bringing you an hour of intricate musical joy.  This was the era when "The Piano Accordion was King."  The piano accordion eventually became an integral part of swing dance bands and many ethnic musical genres such as the polka.  Let's all remember and re-live the glory days of the piano accordion.

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Lorna Andersson accordion
Nick Timko percussion


01 Pietro's Return MARCH (1915)
02 Dill Pickles RAG (1906)
03 Bamba Samba (1948)
04 Dance of the Comedians (1941)
05 Red Raven Polka VOCAL (1939)
06 Tea For Two (1934)
07 12th Street Rag (1914)
08 Canadian Capers (1915)
09 The Gay Picador PASO DOBLE (1942)
10 Dark Eyes RUSSIAN GYPSY SONG (1936)
11 Dizzy Fingers NOVELTY (1923)
12 Champagne Polka (1950)
13 The Accordionist MARCH (1926)
14 Skating Waltz in Swing NOVELTY (1949)
15 Accordion Polka (1962)
16 The Jolly Caballero PASO DOBLE (1935)
17 Dark Eyes BONUS TRACK (1957 Performance)
Enhanced Multimedia Track
DARK EYES video from 1957 Miss America Contest
Talent Portion with Bert Parks.

Lorna Andersson
remembers The Accordion's Golden Age

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