Lorna Andersson started playing the piano accordion at age 9, studying at Tone's, then Neronde Studios in Sacramento, CA.  She was Maid of California in 1956 and Miss California in 1957 and placed third runner-up in the 1957 Miss America Contest, where she performed "Dark Eyes" on her accordion.

Lorna has an eternal passion for her instrument and continues to perform today on the same accordion she used in 1957.  Lorna says it best, "The songs that you hear on this recording are meant for the piano accordion.  I'm really honored to perform them for you as a tribute to the fine accordionists in America who have brought the gift of accordion music into our hearts and our homes."

The piano accordion was practically unknown in America until ca. 1908.  Yet within 30 years all that had changed, and it was at the forefront of mainstream American culture.  The piano accordion had humble origins, but it's eventual long association with popular entertainment was a clear sign of its Eliza Doolittle-like acceptance into respectable musical society.

The mid-1930's and on into the early 1960's was America's Golden Age of the Piano Accordion.  In the 1957 Miss American Contest, host Bert Parks said these words, "Ask any child what instrument he'd like to play the most, chances are he would say the accordion."  He was introducing Miss California, Lorna M. Andersson, at that moment.

We introduce you to her again... now playing a collection of songs that bring bank the likes of Pietro and Guido Deiro, Pietro Frosini, Jo Ann Castle, Myron Floren and so many other giants who made the accordion sing so beautifully.  more


Lorna Andersson
remembers The Accordion's Golden Age
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